Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What would your sign say?

My name is suppose to be at the bottom of this post. When I copyed this oh, well you see where it is

The police have a mechanism for checking how fast people drive by using something called a radar speed sign - a sign that flashes your speed as you drive by. I was driving down a neighborhood street when I came upon one of these signs. What would I see if the sign didn't flash my speed, it flashed my thoughts - the actual thoughts I was thinking in that very moment. I was so amazed by this thought, what if others could see my thoughts, thoughts.

What life would be like if each of us had a flashing "thought meter" on our street. Just imagine. Each day, as I traveled to work or to and from errands, I would be able to catch a glimpse of what I was thinking. As I consider this idea, what thoughts would I see on most days? Would a majority of them be positive, life-enhancing thoughts, or worrisome ones that steal my energy?Lately I have found myself in the latter category, I refuse to be alarmed. The truth is most people live with a majority of less-than-desirable thoughts running around in their heads. I however am not most people I will not beat myself up, I will slow down and focus on getting a better reading on the meter :). This plan begins with awareness. I have had awareness take hold of me by setting my intent on the 30 day challenge of fasting from negative thoughts about myself and others. Oh! the monsters that have come out of the closet!

So today I am bragging:
I am happy
I deserve it
I am worth it
I'm committed to loving me
When I honor myself the world shifts around me
I am brilliant
A am proud
I am sexy
I am allowed to use my power to shine
to attract my greatness

To spend time with Autumn
For Mark's court case to be put off
To move back to my home
To loose 20#
Mills to be healed
Peace for Electra and her husband
PJ (our dog) to have an easy transition to dog heaven

Living with purpose,

Sister Goddess Ju-i-lous

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