Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Just random thoughts today.
Today is day 5 of my 30 day challenge from doubt, fear, critism (sp)
I have been to the Chiropractor today and all went well. I talked to Bonnie about her observation of Mother. She said, "She had never seen someone just set and stare like she was doing, and not able to engage her in conversation."
I know I had a good weekend with her. She really doesn't want the baby sister to come see her because as she said, "She doesn't want to come and I don't want her too." Her words not mine.
The other sister has scolded her so much that she really does not want her to come either.
Strange, I am the one she hurt the most in life, and now I am the one she wants to stay with her. She begs me not to leave, and she will exercise with me when I am there. This is all a mystery to me.
I have been able to stay with my challenge today. I am dancing in the rain, but keeping my shirt dry. There is so much to muse over, and I am thankful today that I do have the ability to think and reason things out.


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