Sunday, January 17, 2010

Self Love Sunday

This day started off delicious. Writting my sensual Saturday post got me going.
I had the night all to myself, so I endulged myself. Had a wonderful night sleep. Woke up this morning still desiring more. I gave myself another round of fantastic loving.
I had no plans for the day, and as Julia Roberts said, "I was flying by the seat of my pants."
I decided to go to IHOP for breakfast. I ordered ham and eggs with hash browns and two
blue berry pancakes. I took my time enjoying each bite.
I came back home to Larry eating lunch in the living room.
I wanted the day to myself.
No plans, me and peace.
I called Bonnie, keeping in close contact since her husband died. We talked for almost two hours.
She is mad at him for leaving her.
Called Cathy, she was not a home.
I read for the rest of the afternoon.
Why am I having such a time of being alone today?
My desires of this week.
Book my flight to NY
Pay bills
Talk to Autumn as much as I can
complete all my homework from the class I start Monday night
Grateful for
the good report we received from Mothers doctor
good conversation with my sister Debra
Mark, installing my TV in my bedroom
My Job
this board
Mama Gena


Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Think I Made His Back Feel Better

How I learned to arouse myself.
Over seventy-five percent of all women, including me, admit to discovering masturation
the same way. We became sexually stimulated by simply rubbing up against something--
a pillow, perhaps a big stuffed toy, for me it was nothing more than a quilt on mothers bed, I was talking to my cousin and moving around, and then something felt good, so I moved again.
I have been hooked ever since.
My sexual fantasy for this Sensual Saturday
I undress him and ask him to lay face down on the bed. I stand where he can watch while I peel down to bra and panties, then I climb on top. Mmm, isn't it nice to straddle the powerful muscles in his back back? Tension melts away as I massage warm oil into his skin. Then ask him ---
Do you want to help me have an orgasm? Then I need you to stay very, very still....
I pull off my lingerie. He'll love the velvet touch of my bare breasts as I stretch out across his back. I slide my ands down his arms; braid my fingers into his own. I keep moving, keep touching. Make love to his back. I rock my hips in slow, small circles, pressing my mons directly against his tailbone. I am looking for a certain spot, a place that's just right for my clitoris to snuggle into to. I will know it when I find it!
Now I can stroke my own fire. Let my aching clit set the pace as it rubs against his oil soaked skin, up and down and around. When I find that special place, that groove -- then I start moving faster. He can't see me, so I let my fantasies run wild. And let him know what's happening...whisper in his ear that I am getting close, and closer. I pinch his nipples, stick my wet tongue in his ear, breath on it and do it again. I hold him tight! Let him feel every twitch of my orgasm.
I have now become the bedmate men dream of --a woman who can get all the foreplay she wants...
All by herself!
The Hite Report
Shere Hite
The Nice Girls Guide To Sentual Sex
Nancy Kalish
I think I made his back feel better
---Marlyn Monroe
----after a private meeting with JFK


new direction

I am getting ready to go in a differnet direction with this blog This is the year I am devoting to loveing my-self. It is in loving we become able to love.
You will know them by the fruits they bear.
Jesus said.