Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dancing with my circumstances

Today is why not Wednesday
Why not notice the RICHES in my life
CAUGHT up in the effort to make money, I can forget to notice how rich I already am.
Today, I will will be aware of the many valuable things I have are.
Who are the people who love me and give my life meaning?
What aspects of my life creates fun and adventure?
As I remember all the riches of my life,
I will see how wealthy I really am.
Treasures are everywhere.
Today I am going to notice hidden treasures.
Maybe ot wo;; be an old man's joy while he retrieves a ball from the street
for some yound children or savoring the taste of an ice-cream cone.
By seeing the small treasures of life.
I will receive their riches.
To love and be loved are priceless treasures.
Today, I will see what loving and being loved do for me.
How do my expressions of love for others nourish them?
How does experiencing the love of others nourish me?
By noticing the gifts of love.
I will see how rich I am.
We can suffer because others do not fulfill our desires and expectations.
Today, I will discover how my desires and espectations make me disappointed with life.
I will recognize that by wanting life to be a certain way.
I create my own suffering by resisting what is.
Instead of resisting today,
I will dance with my circumstances.


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