Sunday, February 28, 2010

cycle of life

Page Jessie Loxley
12 years ago our grnaddaughter broung home a tiny, litter of the pack puppy. When larry saw her he knew we were in for a ride. I was off to wal mark for the necessary supplies. We needed a name. Two little girls in our life one was named page, and the other was jessie, loxley was just a girls name. so we called her pj loxley. some called her pj me encluded and others called her loxley. She was the bully of the condo conplex where we lived and we knew she needed a place to roam yet be protected. The perfect place became available and she went to live with Larry's mother.
She had a fenced in yard and she could run and chase whatever and was very happy there. Larry's moter died around 3 years ago, and pj came to live with us. This has not been the best place for her as she was in all the time. She was a terrie and they are very active dogs.
She has been sick, very sick for the last month are longer. The last few days she had lost controll of her body fluids. Larry told me this morning if she was not better tomorrow he was taking her to the Vet, and let them send her to dog heaven.
Today she lost all controll and was using our house as a bathroom, she could not help it, but all controll was gone. When I go home from church Larry was here keeping close watch on her.
She was in her bed and seemed to be okay. Around 2pm Larry went to check on her, he let out a dad gum it, real loud, I knew something was very wrong. Larry said, "Call the Vet, it is time."
We carried her to the dog hospital, she was laying lifeless with her tongue hanging out.
Larry passed her to the dr while I filled out the necessary paper work.
She was 12 years 14 days young. I don't know how you believe, but I believe if we ask God he will give us our anamils in heaven. Yes, I believe there will be animals in heaven. No dogs are not immortal, but some how God will allow us to have a dog with the same mannerism, looks and
love as the ones we have down here.
I just wanted to write this in honor of our PJ


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