Thursday, February 11, 2010

Birthday wishes for Debra Feb 11, 2010

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Today is Debra's birthday

I thought all my friends will join me *n wishing her a happy


I remember mother going to the hospital to have her. She was the first of my sister to be born in a hospital. Debra is 10 years younger than me. Little did I know this little baby would become a very important part of my life. Not only is she my sister, but I was the one to care for her. She called me mother and I was the one to carry her when we went shopping. I would have ladies come up to me and ask if I was her mother. Yes, in more ways that one I have been her mother.

She is now the grandmother of 3 little girls.

She has a full time job, and enjoys motor cycle riding and fishing.

So Happy "52"

She has not called me today, I am waiting to call her because I had her Birthday present sent in to her via UPS, and do not want to spoil the supprise.

Thank you, SF Bath Salt Company


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