Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pink Heels

Tonight, it starts, the beginning of a dream I have waited for for over 3 years.
Mystery begins. Tonight is the first of many phone calls, next is my first of many trips to NYC I have my ticket purchased,
all I need is to pack my suitcase. I am praying for good weather and an uneventful flight.
I believe a few of the things we will be hearing lots about are:
Desire list
Spring cleaning
I have been trying to come up with my theme song. I am still blank on this one.
My desires for this class are:
I want to fall in love with the very essence of being me.
Lear how to love life with purpose and passion.
Being excepting of those who have different values than me.
Keeping in step with things, I am grateful:
For the bed I sept in, the roof over my head, the carpet and tile under my feet,
the shoes, the refrigerator that keeps my food cold, the car that I drive, my job,
my friends. I am grateful for the stores that make it so easy to buy the things I need,
the restaurants, the utilities, services, and electrical appliances that make my life effortless.
I am grateful for the magazines and the books that I read. I am grateful for the chair that I
sit on, and the pavement that I walk on. I am grateful for the weather, the sun, the sky, the
rain, the snow, the birds, or lack there of. I am grateful for my family and friends. For the air I breathe, and so much more.
I desire:
Autumn to be living with us, for healing and piece of mind. I desire for Mark's court isues to be over so he can return to his home. I desire for us to have many fun days this summer as we go about reconstructing his house. I desire for Autumn to be able to visit with us. I desire for Larry and I to be living back in our house that we live in before the divorce. I desire health and healing for Larry's body. I desire for Jim and Jeal to have a healthy baby. I desire continue protection for David during and after his deployment. I desire for Landon to find a good job so he can support himself. I desire good transiction for Mother going to a nursing home. I desire for Mother's posession to be handled with grace and love. I desire forgivess between my sisters.
I desire a hot sassy group of sister goddesses to play with here in Birmingham. I desire a 25%
increase in business. I desire to wear high heels again, to loose 50#. New glasses, and teeth.
I am so looking forward to tonights call it is the beginning of lots of, rocking
and rolling, dancing and flirting, living and loving,
going higher and higher.


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