Thursday, March 25, 2010

Celebration of Spring

"The seasons have changed & the days are getting longer. we wake up to the sunlight & go to bed with the warmth of the season filtering in through open window screens. the seasons change, we change. we grow, we move on. we learn new things each day; ways to be better people, ways in which we are strong, ways that hurt. each day we are given a chance to start new, to dissolve past regrets, to become the person we truly want to be. we are incredible creatures & we exist for a reason. each & every one of us. it may take years, decades, to discover this reason but it’s there! it’s there. perhaps it’s like love, we only find it hidden when we stop searching. it comes to us. we are incredible creatures, never forget that." You Are Remarkable
For those of you living in America, Saturday was the official start of spring. Where I live it's really starting to feel like springtime (which isn't always the case this time of year) and it's wonderful! Though summer will always be my favorite time of year, I hold a special place in my heart for spring because it means that in only a few short months summer will arrive, and this weekend I had a chance to take in the beautiful weather and enjoy the beginning of a new season. As I was indulging in the elements of spring, I got to thinking about the best ways to enjoy this time of year. It sometimes seems like one minute it's winter and the next it's summer. So, for me, it's important that I take advantage of this time of year while it lasts. Here are some ideas I came up with for enjoying the spring-y weather:


Ways to Enjoy Spring

Take a long walk.
Set up a picnic.
Wear flip-flops.
Open your windows.
Snap photos of the season.
Sit outside at a restaurant.
Engage in spring cleaning.
Buy (or bring out) a fun, new outfit.
Pay attention to nature.
Visit the zoo or park.
Go for a drive.
Celebrate with friends.

Spring is the gateway to summer and I'm so happy that it's finally arrived. The more I think about it, the more I realize that there are many, many more ways to enjoy spring. I'd love to hear about them so feel free to share your springtime ideas with me.

How are you taking advantage of spring?

What are your favorite ways to enjoy the season?


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