Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Home coming

March 17, 2009
Today is Daddy's home coming. I know that sounds strange, we usually say home going.
I like to look at it as a coming, coming back to the one who died for us.
He loved St. Patricks Day, and God loved him so much he let him come home on his favorite day.
Can you see it, a holiday, and in some cultures gifts are given. Daddy got the best present
he will ever receive.
Since my last post, things have been happening, and I have just let them happen.
Larry has a saying, "It is what it is."
I went a week without a computer, while mine was in computer hospital, and sad to say she is still not working correct.
I last wrote about our first call, and it was everything and more than expectation.
I fly to NYC this Friday for my first of five classes. Yaaaa
I talk to Autumn every day and can't wait to call her from New York. She is having boy problems. I have offered to gather all the boys up and move them to Alaska, she thinks
I am mean.
Larry has left for church, and this is the first night I have been alone this week.
Oh! yes, I heard this on TV kinda worldy but here goes.
This character was married to one brother and pregrant with the other borthers child.
A friend, asked her "I you could paint the perfect picture for you to be living in what would it be?"
I thought about this and I painted in my mind the perfect picture for my life.
Everything would stay the same here in my apartment. I would have a house south
of Birmingham that I owned and I could go there on weekends, and any time through the week when Larry was getting on my nerves. I would be free to live where I wanted to with out a hassle. This is my supreme desire.
A wise Prophet said, "Ask and it will be given unto you.
I am so looking forward to this manifesting.
I may not talk to you again untill I get back from NY, I will catch up with you then.


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