Sunday, May 17, 2009

Titus 2 at the well Being busy at home

Being busy at home

Gathering At the Well

I started not to meet you ladies at the well today. I am in a time of my life where
I am not as busy as I was when I was a young mother of 2. My weeks were busy
with ball practices and games, boy scouts. You name it and Mark was in it. Lisa
was a very sick little girl and the challenges I faced with her, well I do not want to
rehash that. I worked out side the home and had a husband who could not keep
his pants on.

Lisa was placed in a home when she was 5 1/2 years old and this was almost more
than I could bare. She went to heaven when she was 26. Mark has married and he
has 2 little girls, and 2 bonus sons.

As I said above I was not going to post, because from my observations most of you
are young enough to be my children. I was talking to Mark today about this post
and how I had nothing to give. He was shocked and said, "If any one has something
to contribute it is you."


I have been in business for over 20 years, this takes up about half of my time.
Sunday nights I go to a prophecy class at church. Wednesday I go to a teaching on
the major doctrines of the Bible. On Thursday nights I go to another prophecy class.
I guess you can see I am very interrested in end time events and I keep up with
the news and how it fits with Bible prophecy. I also write a teaching each week
on subjects pretaining to end times.

I just found out that one of my grandsons is having a baby. The timing is not good
as he is waiting orders for his second deployment.

My grandchildren range in ages from 22 - 15. So we have the weekly events to attend
with them.

I getting tired just writing this.

Mark wanted me to speak of my giving.

Most of my adult life I did not have anything,
many times the only thing I had to eat was a peanut butter sandwichs.I was always
faithful in giving and church attendance and teaching Sunday School and ast. pastoring a church. I can testify that my morning has turned into rejoicing. For the
many years that I had nothing, God has blessed me with plenty (there is a great story
to God'sfaithfulness here). WhatMark wanted me to share is this I give my salary
away. I find a needy family and I support them untill they can get their feet on the
ground. Larry and I are now helping a friend who has found out he has cancer. We
are looking for a car for him to drive himself to the hospital. When he is too weak
we drive him. He has a family but they will not help him.

I have a sister who is disable, and I talk with her each day, sometimes for hours.
I am mentoring a young lady who is reaping for the thing she has done.

I find the computer very challenging, and most of the time it takes me twice as long
to write a post. I am saying this because in addition to the above things I do, I also
spend hours with this new found buddy. My spelling is bad and I have not learned
how to edit my post. Sweet Laurie emailed me the directions on how to edit, but
when I tried it, it just would not work for me. I have spent hours trying to learn
how to post a UTUBE on my blog. I guess I need to go take a computer class.


  1. bless your heart Sarah June. I am sorry the directions to edit your post did not work. I just believe that the more you work with your blog the more you will get it to work how you want it. I wish we lived closer so I could come and help you in person. Keep strong and don't be frustrated, you say you are not as young as some of us other gals, but I am so glad that in this season of life that you find yourself that you are making yourself available to God and He is using you in some mighty ways. Just look at all the ways God is using you to minister to others, it is all over your post today. I appreciate your giving heart...Laurie

  2. Keep studying his word we will always learn something new
    TO place utube video on blog you have to copy the embedded link onto word page and then copy it from there to where you are going to make your post. I had trouble learning this as well but someone helped me there are lots of great people around that know alot many times I just ask if you need more help if I can help just aske

  3. I'm so glad you shared your time with us. I really enjoyed your post. I know what you mean about spell check. I usually copy and paste my blog into Word and run spell check through there, then put the correct version back into my blog. I think it's enough that you write and share your life with us, sweet sister! May God bless your family and your time spent studying His Word.

  4. I'm sorry you're having such a time figuring out blogger. It definitely is a "trial and error" type of hobby. I continued to ask my friends on here until I figured things out. I was going to explain youtube, but I see Shopannies beat me to it.

    God bless you!