Monday, May 4, 2009

At The Will -- Getting to know You

Getting To Know You

Gathering At the Well

Good Morning, it is so nice to see each of you today. I am thrilled to be learning more about you. That said, " Lets get started. " My Turn.

I grew up in the country, nearest town was 7 miles away. I am the first for 4 daughters. No brothers. I got married at 16 (I married the devil (really not enought
time to share this here,) I am however writting about my life on Walk with me
Wednesday.) Mark was born when I was 19, three years later I had Lisa.

Lisa was born with many problems. She cried the first year of her life, we were told they could not find the problem. When she is a year old, come back and we will do further test. That was a very hard year.

One year later, she was back in Childrens Hospital.

The day I was to go to receive the news about my little baby's condition. I also received the news that my husband and my mother were having an affair. I was given
the proof and it could not be denied. This shows how the devil works trying to destroy my life. On the way to receive the worse news a parent could receive, I got

This started a 26 year struggle for her and a living hell for me.

I never missed a church service from as long as I can remember. This church was where I meet my future husband. He never missed. It seemed like a match. However
for me there was something missing. I became very ill and cried all the time. One Sunday a cousin of mine came to see me and said " If you will go to church tonight
the Lord will heal you." That night I was healed by the wonderful power of God, and my burdens rolled away and I had a love for Jesus that I had not experienced before.
For me this was the beginning of the most wonderful love relationship I have ever

I was so in love with my Lord, that I spent hours in prayer and Bible study. The strength I gained from this relationship has substained me through the many life
destroying trials I was to go through. I was called into a teaching misistry.

This call and my fervent desire to please my Lord, brough much persecution from
upon me from my family.

Seeing the hand of satan on my family, I would walk and pray with my hand on my stomach asking God, "That if my son was going to grow up and not serve his to please take him before he was born." I can testify that God has answered my prayer. This however came through much trial and testing.

Lisa was a different story and I saw the hand of God move in our life in many ways
during her 26 years she was on this earth.

I did get a divorce and now was faced with new trials. The church I went to taught that you could not get a was. I started reading the Bible with different eyes, and came to believe as I still do that this church was very much in error.

5 years later I remarried and moved to the largest city in our state.

From a little girl I had wanted to live in the city. I also would watch planes flying over head and say I want to fly. My greates joy was to have a career and fly from city to ciry . Larry was a man of the many talents. He had his own business and was very wise in the things of life. He opened up to a new and wonderful world for me. He was
devoted to God. We meet at church and 9 months later we were married.

My dreams of travel were coming true. I opened my own travel agency, and my desire to fly was fulfilled and is still being fulfilled.
So many wonderful stories to tell about this marriage, however all was not perfect, he came from a background of devil worship and the mafhi He was glad I was a strong christian because I would need to be, together we were a team, and have seen many victories inour life.

He has one son living in Flordia, who is still mixed up in this dark religion. Every time Larry is in contact with him we have a satanic attack on our life.

This story is not all doom and gloom..I hope you can see the hand of God in my life.

Lisa is safely at home with Jesus.
Mark has become a wise son that has suprised me with his wisdom.
My desires to see the world, have my own business, have a devoted companion, who
will love Jesus as I do have come true and are still being fulfilled even as I write.

What satan ment for harm, Jesus has turned for my good.

I have found this board to be an outlet for me to speak. I would like to make lots of
friends, to share with. I am challenged at how to work this new internet and do not
know how to down load pictures or much of anything else. Please bare with me as
I learn.


  1. June, what a remarkable journey the Lord has led you through. Your faith and love for Him is so transparent. Thank you so much for sharing a piece of yourself today At The Well. May HE always be your comfort and peace!

  2. I'm so glad you shared your story with us. It was great getting to know you better. I'm glad you're joining in At the Well and I always look forward to seeing what you write. Much love in Christ, Laurie Ann

  3. Love to you this fine day June! Thanks for opening your heart to us today. Bless your heart you have been through so much. I am glad that you are getting to travel and that God has given you some of the desires of your heart.

    You are precious in His sight! And we Sisters in Christ Love You!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  4. all i can say ps "wow" thank you for sharing your story.

  5. Wow, what a story to share! I'm so sorry about your daughter. I can't imagine the pain you endured.

    I'm glad you came over to my place so that I could meet you.

    Many blessings to you!