Friday, May 22, 2009

At The Well Walk the Walk

Walking the Walk

Gathering At the Well

Creating wholesome entertainment in Hollywood isn't easy. Neither is following in the footsteps of one of the most beloved, and recognizable father figures in TV history. But that is exactly what director Michael Landon Jr. has done. Michael Landon Jr, says, "My father wore several hats; I got to see him as a writer, director, producer and actor. And it was definitely the directing part that interested me the most."

landon had the kind of childhood so many kids dream about. "I grew up on the set of Bonanza, he says."
"They were magical times for me. "I mean, my dad was playing a cowboy! Riding horses, shooting guns, getting bad guys. "I have amazing memories of walking in his footsteps, he walked the walk and if any one challenged him, he had the grit to face up to what he believed."

Gen 5:22-25 And after he became the father of Methuselah, Enoch WALKED with God 300 years and had other sons and daughters. One day Enoch was WALKING with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.

with God
................In His ways...Jos 22:5
................Uprightly....Pr 2:7
................In newness of life Rom.6:4
................Not after the flesh, but after the Spirit...Rom 8:1
................In love, following Christ...Eph 5:2
................In the light, as God is....1 John 1:7

We have the testimony that Enoch WALKED the WALK. The account of Noah we learn that Noah was a righteous man among the people of his time, and he Walked with God.

The discussion questions are:

Why is the "way we live" so Important?

Why does Paul tell Titus to first teach the older women to
"be reverent in the way they live" before they can train younger women?

Think about your own life, do you have mentors you can LOOK to....
watching them live their live reverently, AND, are there others,(children,
younger women in the church, friends of your children) who are watching
you live out your life?

Is there a difference between what you SAY and how you LIVE?

The way we live is important, because others are watching us, and we may be the only Bible
they will ever read. I do not want anyone to miss the blessings of God, because I was not

We guide by our life, if we do not Walk the Walk we become a stumbling block to those
we are trying to teach.

The main mentors that I had growing up have all gone to heaven, however I do have mentors
my own age that I look to for guidance and knowledge in my WALK.

I know my greatest critic is Mark, he calls me on the carpet if I do not WALK the WALK.
He knows me from a son's view, and the training I have given him. My greatest joy is watching
him WALK the WALK. The other day he and I got into a discussion on prophecy. A few days later
he called me and said "I was talking to a neighbor and explaining how the things that are happening
in our world was a fulfilling prophecy, and he had no knowledge of this information."
I could hear the tickle in his voice as he shared this with me. He was passing on the information
that I had shared with him, thus helping someone else along the way.

I try to do as I say...but some times I tell my children do as I say not as I do. I say this in a joking way and
they do not think much about it. However I know that I do not WALK a perfect WALK,
"and if I think I do I am deceiving my self, and the truth is not in me."
That is what the apostel James said.


  1. I love to imagine what Enoch's life was like. Can you imagine walking that closely with the Lord?

    Those are some great questions that we all need to ponder. I haven't joined in on the discussions at the well in a while. I need to get over there.

  2. I am just so grateful to know that Jesus has called us to walk with Him, even when our walk is not perfect.