Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Walking Wednesday Beginning

I could not find the button to post
I have been for a long time wanting to write the
history of my family..I have always been told it would
make a great book.
Thank you so much for offering me a place to do so.
They were identical twins. The fun they had pretending to be the other one.
School was a blast and what fun they had with others trying to guess who's who.
Even their parents were uncertain if the right girl was receiving the
compliment or punishment.
One of the twins was protective, loving and supportive of the other.
The second twin however had a different temperament. She only love herself
and wanted everything the other twin had. She was conniving and deceiving.
Their mother's mother died when she was young, and she lived with her brothers
and sisters, never receiving the love she so desperately needed. She always
said, "No one showed me love so, I do not know how to show love."
She and her husband had 4 girls and 2 sons. She was not emotionally there for
her girls and even worse when it came to her sons.
Their father, was fun loving, out going and gone most of the time. He was a
womanizer and did not care who knew it. One of his daughters told me. "He had
made a pass at her, but she was able to ger away from him."
He moved from Georgia to Alabama. I am not sure how they meet, but I do know
she lived in Fungo Hollow, which if any of you know the area is a road behind
Lowe's in Pelham.
They meet and married and moved to Calera. Calera was a very thriving city,
About 3 miles on hwy. 25 going toward Montevallo on the right hand side of the road is an old grave yard and there is a rock with the words stating this is the center of
Calera had a saloon on the north end of town, 2 cafe's one on each side of the street. Bear's Department store was there and next door was Bear's Grocery store. A
barbers shop was next with the barber's poll outside (that I have hit my head on
many times). There was Donivan's 5 and dine and a drug store. However the
most importand was the movie theater.
The movie theater was the gathering place. The young girls dressed in their Sunday's
best and the gentlemen were all spruced up looking for the one who would
make their heart go pitter patter.
It mattered little what was playing. the movie was not what they were watching.
Can you imagine the fun Ashley and Abigal had watching as the boys stared
as if seeing double. Blue green eyes, brown hair and a figure that was the
envy of all the girls and the desire of the boys. It could be easly said,"They
were the prettiest girls and could have their pick of the guys. This was intriguing as they searched the crowd for Mr. Right.
One afternoon a tall blue eyed, wavy blond hair guy got off the bus on his way to
the movies. There he meet a beautiful girl namey Ashley. The smile on his
face, and the shy look on her face had a story to tell of it's on.


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  2. Thank you for sharing your story today. I like the design of your blog.

  3. I look forward to hearing more about you June. Thank you for joining in today. Your blog is visually very nice.

  4. June, this was interesting. Looking forward to more stories on Weds. Walk in the future.
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits