Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Meeting

Chapter 2

He had to walk a mile across the fields and woods to catch his ride. Expectantly waited for the bus to carry him not only to the movies but to his first date with

David was from a family of means. His great-great grandfather had come to the new world with his family. They purchased many acres and started raising cattle and children. She was of a delicate nature and the hardship of the new world were too much. She longed to return to England, where her family had servants. She could
take it no longer so she asked her husband to take her back home. They were booked
on the next ship, leaving behind the children. This is all we know of her. We do not know if she ever looked back with yearing to see her boys. Only eternity will tell.

I don't know if any of you can remember the country store over at Providence community. Just behind where the store sets, use to be a 5 story house which was owned
by David's great-great grandfather.

David's parents were wealthy land owners. They had cattle and acres of cotton as far
as the eye could see. Pa. was the local vet. and also the local barber. He was loved and respected far and wide.

David meet up with Ashley at their appointed place and time. Neither one of them cared much about the movie, it was only an excuse to be together.

All week Ashley bragged to anyone that would listen about the date she had with David. Not only was he handsome he lived on a plantation with hired hands to pick the cotton, and cattle to raise. If that were not enough David had a job working at
Pure a bionic plant in Alabaster.

She was very annoying to be around. She had told the story so many times the whole family knew it by heart. For Abigal it was salt in a wound.

True to herself Abigail was plotting a way to take what was another's and make it hers.
Jealously was raging, the embers were burning hot. Yes she was her twin, but who cares she knows she could make him happier than that mousey sister of hers. They
were identical and he would never now (until it was too late) that she was not Ashley.

She had kept it a secret from Ashley. That she had found a book in Papa's chest..
The blood in her vains burned hot as she looked at the pictures. When Daddy made his
advances it did not frighten her it only stired the yearing inside of her. No, he did not frighten her. What frightened her was the excitement stiring within. She knew there
were exciting things to experience and she yearned to know the secret.

The plan slowly formed. She knew how she was going to get out of the house and make it to the movies to meet David in Ashley's place. She first talked her mother into inviting Aunt Betsy to come for a visit and please bring the children. Abigail
knew Ashley could not stand for her to be unhappy so the charade began. So she
became unhappy, pouted, lips poked out, and walked around all week with her head hung low. She knew Ashley would do anything to make her feel better. Now the scene was set she just needed to carefully put everything into action.

Aunt Betsy arrived for the weekend along with her 2 little boys and 1 girl. Mary was less than a year old, and need constant care. Ashley love children, and her favorite joy was taking care of little Mary.

Ashley was always protective and gave into Abigail when she wanted something. She knew something was very wrong. Okay enough is enough. Abigail what is wrong?
You have been sad all week. Abigail said "I have worked all week and you know I deters taking care of children they get on my nerves. I don't want to spend my Saturday night baby setting. I want to go to the movies."

Moved with desire to her sister of her sister Ashley said, "I will watch the children and you go to the movies." The only thing I request is you tell "David why I could not meet him." Behind Ashley's back Abigail was grinning, "Yes I will give David your message.

Saturday afternoon came and just as planned Ashley (Abigail) was waiting for David at the bus station. When he saw her his eyes lit up and a big smile was on his face.
He was naturally shy, but he had nothing to be concerned about Abigail took the conversation (failing to admit that she was not Ashley). They headed toward the movie. Taking their place with popcorn and a drink. the movie was rolling the room was dark. David was smitten, Ashley was everything he had hoped she would be.
He slowly put his arm around her shoulder. She snuggled closer.

David knew, he just knew this is the one, the only one for him. They went for a walk
after the movie. The streets were alive with young lovers walking hand in hand.
David wanted privacy when he.....he had something on his heart that was so big he was not sure he would be able to get the words out. Ashley, I love you will you marry

She acted shy and coy and said "Yes." There is something I have to tell you. Ashley did not want to come tonight so I came in her place. I knew you would not know the
differance and I so wanted to get out of the house. "It doesn't matter" David said,
You are the one for me your name doen't matter.

David grabed Abigail around the waist and twrilled her around and around. They were so happy and in love.

Abigail said,"It is June (1945) and I do not want to wait can we get married next weekend?" Of course this was wonderful declaration he so wanted to get married
as soon as possible. She was so beautiful, and she would be his for all time.

Now the farm, the cattle, the fields of cotton .....and yes the job that would buy her anything she wanted would be hers. She would lap it all up like a dog laps up water.
And just like Daliah in the Bible, he would never be aware of her true nature.

Ashley was so use to taking second place to Abigail that she took the news well.
After all Abigail was always the chosen one. She was Daddy's favorite. She always
had the boys chasing after her, so why not have David also.

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