Monday, April 6, 2009

The Life That Pleases God


Gathering At the Well

As we gather together At The Well our discussion is about Older Women. I was praying about
what to write and wanting to open my heart when answering the study questions. If I could
convey anything to younger women it would be Pleasing join me on my journey.

What does it mean to live alife that pleases God?

1. The life that pleases God is one that bears fruit.

The idea of "bearing fruit" is not one that is foreign to us. If we purchased a gruit tree,

planted it, and took care of it we would expect it to yield fruit.

Jesus says the same is true of people who profess faith. He says, "Watch out for false

prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pirk grapes from thornbushes, or figs

from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit"

(Matt. 7:15-17).

How can we tell if someone is professing to be a believer, but isn't a believer? We can tell by watching their lives. If there is not a change in their living then we can conclude thate is no change in their soul. Out heart and our lives go together- they are not seperate. It takes time for the tree to mature. Like the tree over a period of time we should be seeing a difference in the way people live.

The person who is living to please God will begin to see a change in their values and we will see a change in their behavior.

  • Those living together outside of marriage will get married.
  • Those cheating others will begin dealing honestly.
  • Those who have been abusive in their speech will move toward kindness.
  • Those who were known for using others will begin serving others.
  • Those who relished tearing down others in their whispering will now seek to build them up.
  • Those who had hoarded their resources will begin investing their resources in the work of the Lord.

2. The life that pleases God is one that yearns to know God better.

One will keep on growing in knowledge of God. We can spend all our time getting information about God, but that is not the same as having a relationship with Him. One who pleases God yearns to know Him so they can please Him more.

3. The life that pleases God is the life lived Gratefully.

Have you ever noticed how much we complain?

  • We complain about the weather (when we should be grateful to be alive).
  • We complain about our income when we should be grateful that we have an income.
  • We complain about how our food is cooked (or how long the waitress takes) when we should be grateful we have food.
  • We complain about other believers (they aren't as spiritual as we! We're the only one doing it right) When we should be thanking God that all members do not have the same function.
  • We complain about traffic when we should be glad we can travel with such ease.
  • We complain about the crouds in the store (when we should be glad we are able to shop).

You get the idea. We thank God for what He's given while at the same time feeling He should have given us more. We seem to think that if Gof really love us we have:

  • less problems
  • more money
  • more stuff
  • more influence
  • less illness
  • more good times
  • less difficult times

Graditude begins when we realize we do not deserve the inheritance that has been reserved for us. We should spend every waking moment being grateful that God has taken our dead end life and set it on the course for eternity. We must think often of where we would be if He had not drawn us to Him.

Our attitude of gratitude grows as we learn to open our eyes to the blessings we take for granted. When was the last time you thanked God for

  • the breath you are able to take
  • the blue sky
  • song of a robin
  • for the Bible
  • fellow believers
  • songs that lift your soul
  • for a warm home
  • for your family
  • for the trials that give us perspective
  • grateful for the blessings we take for granted

We also grow in our gratefulness as we see how wonderful our Savior is.

In conclusing:

The life that pleases God.....

Bears fruit

Grows in knowledge of God

Lives gratefully


  1. Wow! I'm inspired to live more gratefully by your post. I pray my attitude rubs off on others, just as yours has rubbed off on me here! Great post!

  2. You had so many great points! Thanks so much for sharing!

    I completely agree that a heart change means a life change too. They go hand in hand!