Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday Provision

I love Christ's last five words in Luke 13:32 "I will complete My work"
  • Not "I will complete My work if all the conditions are right."
  • Not "I will complete My work if you cooperate with me."
  • Not "I will complete My work if I'm still alive."

"I will complete My work "It that simple. The New International Version renders His statement, "I will reach my goal." No ifs, ands, buts about it.


"I will." Period.


Beloved, find security in the fact that nothing is haphazard about the activity of God. He has a goal, and He has a definitive plan that is to be exectued precisely according to His will.


You no doubt noticed Christ's symboilc phraseology in this verse, as well. In a sense, Christ spoke in the style of a parable. When He spoke of the of the miracle activity He would be doing "today and tomorrow," followed by "the third day," He spoke not in the immediate sense but in a future tense. Because of our hindsight advantage, we hear the unmistakable hint of the three days beginning with the cross and ending with His resurrection. In essence, Christ said, "I have a goal. But very soon that goal will be accomplished."


Perhaps Christ's use of the words "today," "tomorrow," "and the third day" suggest three segments of time in our lives as well. Today is our now. The third day could represent the ultimate fulfillment of God's goals for out lives. And tomorrow could represent every moment between now and then. He works in us, too.


Christ's return message to Herod emphasized that nothing could turn Him from His goal. Heither Herod nor any other power pose a threat to the plan. They would be used only as puppets to fulfill it. When we live our lives according to God's will, no Herod in the world can thwart our efforts at reaching God's goal.

Not a Herod of sickness, nor a Herod of crisis. Not even a Herod that seems to hand us over to death.

I am thankful for the Provision Christ had before the foundation of the earth.

I am thankful He has all my steps recorded in a book before I was born.

I am thankful for His provision to deliver me from wicked and evil men, those who do not have faith.

I am thankful for his provision and plan to deliver us from evil ones (2 Thes 3:3).

I am thankful I can put my trust and know He has provided everything I need according to His riches in Glory.


  1. AMEN! June...blessings to you! Thankful that Our Lord COMPLETES His Work in us also!

  2. Great message for today! I loved it. Happy Thankful Thursday!

  3. Great words today June. His provision is everywhere- all we have to do is just open our eyes sometimes to see it! -Happy TT! Laurie