Wednesday, August 10, 2011


My Manifesto of Truths

I am…
flawed in all ways I am meant to be.

ready to embrace the lessons my spirit chose to learn.

meant to follow my heart and soul to my truest desires.

no longer willing to wait for my happiness to begin.

able to believe I am absolutely enough in each moment.

at times, almost paralyzed by the love I have for the people and experiences in my life.

finally wise enough to know that my body & bank account do not define me.

perfect, even when I fail miserably and publicly.

a brilliant gorgeous & incredibly sexy work in progress.

wildly in love with my spirit and my essence even when I feel blue.

willing to be not right, not perfect and not graceful if that is what it takes.

at peace with not always knowing the outcome of living and loving fully and truly.

open to continue healing, learning and growing even when it includes mighty doses of discomfort.

finally able to say “I’m not ok” and ” I need help”.

beginning to understand there is a finish line.

already the winner.

1 comment:

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