Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Day 2 Review: Understand Your Negative Traits

Yesterday we looked at our negative traits. We gained an understanding on why we have those traits. We gained clarity on why we want to change these aspects of ourselves. And we identified baby steps on how we can get started on that right away.

I want to thank all of you for being so earnest, so open, so unadulterated in your sharing. Be it weak communication skills, tardiness, poor time management, lack of self-confidence, procrastination, indecisiveness, a short-temper, laziness, being judgmental, harshness, rudeness, being too serious, fear of making mistakes, selfishness, being critical, lack of focus, being disorganized, clinginess, arrogance, negativity, being anti-social, over sensitivity, it takes awareness and courage to put this out there and admit (to yourself, above all else) that these are areas you need to work on.

Enough with denying, running away, avoiding “ugly” traits about ourselves, because that only perpetuates the problem. Today marks the point where we live a life of honesty, of truth, of integrity. Today marks the point where we start living true to our highest self, where we become who we’re meant to be.
Now that we’ve laid our undesired traits on the table, today we’re going to create our ideal self.

Day 3: Knowing Your Ideal Self

Today’s task will take about 30-45 min.

Have you ever envisioned how your ideal self is like? How is he/she like?
Is he/she someone who is joyous, carefree, always smiling and happy?
Is he/she full of love, always spreading joy and love to everyone around him/her?
Is he/she passionate about life, driven and fueled by a hunger and thirst for betterment?
Is he/she tough, determined, persistent, never to back down in the face of challenges?
Is he/she full of strength and courage, and not afraid to go after all of his goals and dreams?
Is he/she assertive, confident, and not afraid to stand up for what he/she believes in?
Is he/she graceful, beautiful, and full of light?

Is he/she eloquent, sociable, and able to express him/herself freely, without restrain?
Back when I first worked on becoming a better me, I created an image of my ideal self.
I asked myself the following: What is my ideal self like? What do I see as the highest version of me? What does it mean to me, to be someone who is a 10/10?

From there, I imagined someone who is very positive, full of love and GRACE. I imagined her to be beautiful, both on the inside and out. I imagined her to be patient, nurturing, and warm. I imagine her to be feminine, demure, gentle and kind. I imagined her to be emotionally generous, always giving, and never asking anything back in return. I imagined her to be extremely kind and compassionate. I imagined her as a beacon of love, light and joy in the world – emanating love and light no matter where she is and where she goes.

When I pictured this ideal self, I couldn’t help but smile. I felt an inner state of peace and calmness. I knew this was the person I wanted to become. I knew that becoming such a person would give me more joy than anything else. And from there, I set forth to become such a person.
Your ideal self is someone whom you see as the highest you. What is your ideal self like? What do you see as the highest version of you? What does it mean to be someone who is 10/10? This is what we’re going to do now.

Your Task: Identify Your Ideal Self

Take out a new piece of paper and answer the following questions:
What is your ideal self like? Describe him/her as much as possible. Below are some helping points:

What traits does he/she possess?

What are his/her values in life?

How does your ideal self conduct him/herself around others?

How would you assess this ideal self on a scale of 1-10?

It should be a 10/10 – else it’d not be your ideal self!
If it’s not 10, redo Q1 until you get a 10/10 score.

What are 3 baby steps you can start right away to live in line with your ideal self?
Take action on them right away!

Schedule them in your calendar if they are time-based.

Day 3 Reflection for 30BBM
Is there anything you learned today?
This can be about yourself, other people, or other things in life.
This can be related/unrelated to the task, inspired by answers by other participants, inspired by the discussions in the community, due to something that happened in your life today that’s outside of 30BBM.
If so, what is it? Write it down.
Share Your Answers!
What is your ideal self like? What traits does he/she possess? What can you start doing today to become your ideal self?
Share your answers with the others in the comments area! Check out others’ comments and share your thoughts!

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