Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I am a princess on the way to my throne.

I am a magnet for all kinds of deep wonderment

I am a wunderkind, oh oh

I am a pioneer, naive enough to believe that

I am a princess on the way to my throne

The above lyrics from the
Alanis Morissette song Wunderkind have been a constant in my head since she sangs the song so beautifully For some reason both the melody and the lyrics of this song have become a kind of anthem of sorts for me the last month or so. In fact even my son has decided it is one of his favorites.

I was thinking today about what it is I love so much about these lyrics and why they speak to me so loudly and so deeply. What I have figured out (I think) is this; these lyrics represent a piece of what I feel my mission is in this life. On the road to reconnecting with my own Essential Self, I have not only found a greater sense of inner peace and a greater sense of self worth than I have ever experienced before but I have also discovered a greater sense of my true feminine essence, beauty and power. I truly believe that as a woman, I AM a magnet for all kinds of deep wonderment and I AM a princess on the way to my throne!!

This feeling and belief has ended up serving me greatly in all my roles: Mother, Sister, Girlfriend, Daughter, Friend, even my role as daily Starbucks patron has been positively affected! The point being is that it has affected how I show up in the world and therefore what I get back in return! What a gift.

So many of the women I have encountered and continue to encounter in my life through work or friends or fellow moms or however we connect are absolutely INCREDIBLE women! I feel like when I meet these women that they are instant kindred spirits and I have the ability to see through their outer shells of stress and pain or “pretend” happiness and into their core. What I see inside there often is a wee little spark. It is a spark of spirit, it is a spark of light, it is a spark of desire, it is a spark of joy and it is a spark that is absolutely DYING to turn into a fire.

My belief is that it is my mission and purpose to be part of the inspiration for these women to truly come into themselves in a way that allows for a life of incredible gratitude and joy. To help them to see what I see. The incredible power, the unbelievable beauty, and the amazing strength. First to see all that within and then to CELEBRATE it. Pretty damn cool.
To being a magnet and a princess because you absolutely know deep down that you are!

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  1. Hi June, I sent you an email regarding this but no response. I would appreciate it if you asked to use my content before posting it and also credited me for my work. Please remove this post as well as "My Manifesto of Truths" as they are not your work. Thank you, Lori Race