Monday, March 16, 2009

In Honor of my Dad

23 years ago today my Daddy went to heaven.
While setting in his favorite chair praying he
left his tired wore out earthy body and stepped
in to a new body.
What is so neet about this is he loved St. Patrick's Day.
He told everyone he was Irash and green was his favorite color.
Daddy and Jesus walked this earth together and on Daddy's favorite
day, Jesus said," come walk with me in my world".
I alway wear something green to celebrate his favoite day.
It may sound silly but it makes me feel closer to him.
I have special green earings and bracelet that I save for this day.
I love you Daddy


  1. What sweet memories of your Dad. Just think one day you will be reunited with him! -blessings, Laurie

  2. Sweet memories and a sweet tribute to your Dad...