Sunday, February 1, 2009

Supper Bowl Sunday

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Supper bowl Sunday has never been celebrated in our family. I do remember one Super Bowl, I was in Chicago, on business and staying with some friends.

Larry, with out telling me had called our freinds and asked them if I could come
up for a few days, to learn more about their business. I found out about it when
he had bought my tickets and told me I was going. I was livid. I love Chicago
and do not need an excuse to go. However I and my friend both felt like Larry
was very rude to make all the arrangements with out telling me. I was suppose
to fly home on Friday. With the aid of my girl friend we decided I would stay on
through the following Monday. Guess what the Sunday I was there just happened to be Supper Bowl Sunday. She had invited some of her neighbors
over and had prepared a delicious spread. That was my one and only time to
watch this game. I find no pleasure in watching men play for monday, and most
of them make much more than I. NOW IF IT WAS COLLEGE FOOTBALL that
is a different story for me.


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