Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is She Watching Over You?

Today is Tuesday Together (In The Word)
I could not get the meme to work must have been me!
If you love wisdom
And don't reject her.
She will watch over you.
Pro. 4:6
There are so many times when I do not know what to do
I am so glad, we have Jesus to watch over us
and give directions when we ask.
Act. 12 Herod causes trouble for the church. Peter is rescued from jail. Later Harod dies.
Act. 19 Paul travels to Ephesus. The sons of Sceva were trying to cast out devils. The devils turned on him
and beat him up. Paul causes a riot in Ephesus.
Act. 15 The church leaders meet at Jerusalem. After they agreed over the doctrines that were causing
conflicts, letters were sent to Gentiles who had faith in the Lord.
Psm. 21 Thanking the Lord for victory.
Psm. 22 Prophetic Psalm about Jesus crusification.
Act. 16 Timothy joins Paul and Silas on a missionary journey. While on this trip Paul has a vision of the
Micedonia asking him to come over and help us. Paul and Silas are put in jail.
Be faithful to your wife and what happens
when you get involved with an immoral woman.
Pro. 5

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  1. Glad you joined us for Together in The Word. Wasn't this week filled with some wonderful scirpture. I loved reading your about me info. Looking foward to reading more from you.