Wednesday, January 19, 2011

World Best Trained Man

I got the above title from non other than Mama (Regina) When she was married her husband Bruce, would hold classes with us, and that is what he was know as.
Now on with me!!!
All of you know by now that I have a son (Mark). Mark and I have always had an open relationship. In his teen years if he had any girl problems he would come to me and we would discuss the challenges he was having.
Relationships change and as they did so he would come to me and again we whould have an honest look at his side of the problem as well as hers. His girl friends would also come to me for advise.
Mark at 16 started dating Benita. Benita soon learned to call me when they had a problem.
I would set Mark down and explain how Benita felt vs how he felt.
My knowledge in the man Psyci. kept these two together all through high school.
A 4 year term in the Army, and her getting her educational degree.
The marriage did not last and when he came home from the Army a year later they divorced.
The two years he was in the Army Benita had no contact with me.
When Mark came home he found out she had been seeing other men while he was gone.
The next marriage I developed an enduring relatioship with Jennifer, and still love her till today.
When she and Mark would have problems, she would call me and we would talk things through.
She would call Mark and plan a time for them to talk with me present.
Through my sheer desire for them to live together and raise Autumn (granddaughter).
I was very much her mother, more so than her biological mother.
When the truth that she was a lesie came out, it was to me Mark turned.
She thought she had this hid from me, and was shocked when she found out I knew.
I can say, through Mark's Marriages and relationships he has always been open with me and sought my advise in time of distress. Just this week he called for advice on what to do with his present relationship.
I always taught him to be a gentleman
to be kind, and considerate
and remember that men and women
are very different and see things
through different eyes.
I get a kick out of it and a big smile when I hear
him talk to his sons, and he is repeating
the things he learned at his Mama's knee.

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  1. You are such a liar!!!!!! I NEVER cheated on Mark!! I was the faithful, devoted wife while he was having sex with several other women in Germany!! Not to mention the drugs!!!! I could make a LONG list of things he did to ruin our marriage, but I won't stoop to your level!! God will get the revenge for me!!! I hope someday the people around you discover what a hypocrite you really are!!!!