Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Think I Made His Back Feel Better

How I learned to arouse myself.
Over seventy-five percent of all women, including me, admit to discovering masturation
the same way. We became sexually stimulated by simply rubbing up against something--
a pillow, perhaps a big stuffed toy, for me it was nothing more than a quilt on mothers bed, I was talking to my cousin and moving around, and then something felt good, so I moved again.
I have been hooked ever since.
My sexual fantasy for this Sensual Saturday
I undress him and ask him to lay face down on the bed. I stand where he can watch while I peel down to bra and panties, then I climb on top. Mmm, isn't it nice to straddle the powerful muscles in his back back? Tension melts away as I massage warm oil into his skin. Then ask him ---
Do you want to help me have an orgasm? Then I need you to stay very, very still....
I pull off my lingerie. He'll love the velvet touch of my bare breasts as I stretch out across his back. I slide my ands down his arms; braid my fingers into his own. I keep moving, keep touching. Make love to his back. I rock my hips in slow, small circles, pressing my mons directly against his tailbone. I am looking for a certain spot, a place that's just right for my clitoris to snuggle into to. I will know it when I find it!
Now I can stroke my own fire. Let my aching clit set the pace as it rubs against his oil soaked skin, up and down and around. When I find that special place, that groove -- then I start moving faster. He can't see me, so I let my fantasies run wild. And let him know what's happening...whisper in his ear that I am getting close, and closer. I pinch his nipples, stick my wet tongue in his ear, breath on it and do it again. I hold him tight! Let him feel every twitch of my orgasm.
I have now become the bedmate men dream of --a woman who can get all the foreplay she wants...
All by herself!
The Hite Report
Shere Hite
The Nice Girls Guide To Sentual Sex
Nancy Kalish
I think I made his back feel better
---Marlyn Monroe
----after a private meeting with JFK


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